try the new kids range of tracess for whiting when next time u are out fishing with the kids in the boat or from the peir or shore

they come with size five sucide hook snooded on to heaverier line making them stand out from the main traces better and or on orange line making it easer to see and destingish the traces as your kids

the trace will be the same as your but with a smaller hook and have just as much chance of hooking fish as you but with a smaller hook making baiting up easer and being orange its easer for you to see whats going on

postage is avalable at $5.00 postage charge and a min order of five tracess

all tracess come with a quality swivell but no sinker

payment can be made through paypal.me

please contact me through face book or her by leaving a commet


circle hooks

here we have and excample of a size 7 whiting hook in side a one o circle hook as you can see the bite of the hook is very close to the size seven and althrough the hook is bigger it will still work on as well as the size 7

by tring these hooks out i was quite serprised at the sucesse rate they produced and being lip hooked the hooks were easy to retreave and the undersize fish are released easier making the hole fishing exprence better

please ty them you will be surprised

circle hooks

Using Circle Hooks

Circle hooks are used all types of fishing and have good hooking ability through their shape and designed

The idea that an inward facing point will work has many people perplexed at the first site

The idea is when striking the bite its not to be violent but to draw back on the line in a slower motion this will give the inward facing hook point a chance to engage in the mouth structure of the fish

By striking in the manner we are all used to will pull the hook too quickly out of the fish’s mouth and not engaging the hook in the way it has been designed

An experiment that will engage the hook is quite simple

Get a cup

Place the hook in the cup

Hold it your right hand and raise it above your left hand

Now pull gently on the snood line of the hook in a down ward manner

The circle hook will engage the rim of the cup

Now this tec will work better with a straight eyed hook as the hook is already displayed in an active strike Patton (naturally induced Patton of trying the hook)

Circle hooks can be used as a single or double snood hook Patton this will increase the strike rate in snapper and other larger fish

whiting tracess

ronnies tracess
one 0s circle hooks tied onto whiting tracess using burkley iron silk as the trace line 15 kg with the hook s in 15 lbs with a one and a half once snapper lead as the sinker with the swivel rated to 30 kgs but quite small with a wire clip with a eye attached for easy release from main line
these traces with circle one 0s hooks make for good whiting catch rates
they are priced at $2.00
these are quality as i refuse to sell cheap quality tracess with pore quality
my phone number is on all packets and i have had very good feed back on these tracess
the burkley iron silk is cloured orange but is unsighted by fish but easy to see by us
i will be at the Ardrossan Market this weekend Saterday

ronnies tracess

Ronnies Tracess 7/05/19

Update on the trace scene

My circle hook whiting traces

Have exceeded all my acceptations’ and I am have to try them at least once a week to keep up the demand

I have included a new swivel that has a eye for the clip to fit into and this gives better changing over as its easier to use they are also rated at 30 kg and for their size that a bonus that has just happen making the use more robust for heaver main line

I have also incorporated the straight eye hook this gives better hooking power as the snoo that is used takes the strike of the hook in a way that encapsulates the shape of the hook and the hook setting power pulling the hook in the mouth of the fish getting better catch rates

I have seen this done and if u wish to try it take one of my hooks traces and place in a cup the hook in the cup

Lift the cup up and pull gentry on the traces line pulling the hook to the rim of the cup it will engage the rim and the hook will set try it a few times and u will see how it works (neat hay)

Try it with a suicide hook and see the difference

U will also noticed that if u use my traces that I have used different colour trace and hook line this was to test the market and also to test the trace line the orange line is 15 kg pre-test mono that was quite good but doesn’t stretch well it a kind that when in the water as advertised shouldn’t be able to be seen by fish

I can’t stand by this statement as I have no prove of this

But in saying this I have had no complaint’s as to this colour or fish catching factors told to me so it’s a work in progress

Most of my traces have a 2 once sinker on them this is because no one has asked for or requested any other size sinker and I can and will supply  heavier or light on request but bear in mind that as the sinkers get heavier the cost will rise depending on the weight required

Tommie traces have come on line as of last month

These are of two sorts the sinker burley caged trace at $3.00

They are a three hook trace

The burley caged traces with three hooks below the cage

This can be used in both traces for mullet and silver whiting as required and the burley cages are of a larger size with beads at both ends to attract the fish

When the burley cage of the no sinker type is used because the cage is larger the use of a sinker in light line fishing is not required as the burley filled cage is quite enough weight to make casting a ease

Silver whiting traces

These traces have a running sinker to the main line and have two long shanked hooks ready for worm or cockle baits

They are on light line 10 pound

Light running sinkers and good swivels to match the trace

Again as my standard $2.00 traces

deep sea sinkers

680 gram snapper lead sinker $5.50 ea
488 gram snapper lead sinker $4.00 ea
466 gram snapper lead sinker $3.80 ea
300 gram snapper lead sinker $2.50 ea
can doo bulk or with two hook trace but no swivel as it blows out cost

cost of two hook trace $2.00

on 80 pound trace line

snapper leads

hi i have just started a new range of snapper leads starting from 1/8 of a once to 1and half once

they are 1/8 once, 1/4 once, 1/2 once, 3/4 once, 7/8 once, 1 once and 1 and a half ounce

these are all off a do it mold that i have brought from USA

they all have a large ilet and will be easy to tie